Photo: Yolo Audubon


If you would like to join the Yolo Audubon Society, please contact the membership chair, Sid England, for a form. As of September 2012 membership in National Audubon no longer comes with a free subscription to Yolo Audubon’s newsletter, the Burrowing Owl. Instead, to become a member of Yolo Audubon and receive the Burrowing Owl, please send us a check for $10 made out to “Yolo Audubon Society” to P.O. Box 886, Davis, CA 95617, indicating that you would like a subscription. and note whether you wish to receive the Owl by mail or electronically by email. Subscriptions run from September to May of each year. Thank you very much for supporting Yolo Audubon and your newsletter, the Burrowing Owl!

Yolo Audubon Society
P.O. Box 886
Davis, CA 95617