Photo: Yolo Audubon

Supporting Yolo Audubon

Yolo Audubon holds two major events each year to raise funds for its programs: the fall wildlife art drawing, held at the bird identification workshop, held in December, and the Birdathon, held in April. Individual chapters of National Audubon Society are now expected to be entirely self-sufficient financially. Your support helps us in our outreach efforts to Yolo County schoolchildren, in our conservation efforts, and our programs and activities. Please contact Fundraising Chair Rick Meredith for more information on how to make a difference.

Fall Wildlife Art Drawing


“Without Warning – Golden Eagle and Raven” by world-renowned wildlife
artist Carl Brenders (pictured below) is the grand prize for this fall’s
fundraising drawing. This print measures approximately 21.75 X 31.25
inches. The framed value of the print is approximately $400 - $500.

Here is an excerpt from how the artist describes this painting – “Flying like an
eagle is the secret dream of many humans….I wanted to create the feeling
of being high in the sky together with the most beautiful flying creature in the
world….Since ravens and crows have the surprising habit of chasing raptors
much bigger than themselves, picturing that in my painting was a very attractive
idea…. My eagle is a young bird, not yet familiar with such attacks….I cropped
the wings to strengthen the feeling of being close to the bird and to make you a
part of that dramatic moment in the sky. - CB”

Tickets for the drawing will be mailed out to each Yolo Audubon member.
In addition, tickets are available at YAS meetings and functions. Fundraising
committee members Kevin Gusé (916-514-0685) and Rick Meredith (916-739-1635)
also have tickets and can be contacted for further information. If you choose
to purchase any tickets, the suggested donation is $2 per ticket. You are under
no obligation to buy these tickets.

The drawing for the Golden Eagle print will be held at the YAS December 12th Bird
Identification Workshop. In addition to the grand prize, other great prizes will be
offered including original artwork and photographs from members, books, field guides,
etc. You need not be present to win the grand prize. However, we also will be offering
prizes exclusive to those who attend the Bird Identification Workshop.

The proceeds from the drawing this year will be used to fund YAS’ environmental
education and conservation activities, as well as defray costs for the Yolo County
Breeding Bird Atlas and for our operating expenses.


The Birdathon: Fun-filled Fundraiser! Our annual spring fundraiser, the Birdathon, takes place each April. The Birdathon involves getting sponsors to support your one day (or partial day) effort to see as many species of birds as possible within Yolo County. The “official” count period is 24 hours, but you can participate for any length of time for which you feel comfortable. You can even do your birdathon on the weekend before or after the “official weekend” if that would work better for your schedule. There is no limit to the number of people that can participate on each team and we encourage people of all skill levels to join in the fun on this special day!

You can sign sponsors up to pledge a certain amount per bird species observed or they can pledge a flat amount. Your sponsors might also be interested in pledging the Composite Team (the combined total of species seen by all groups that participate in the Birdathon). Corporate sponsorships are encouraged (all donations are tax-deductible!) and all corporate sponsors will be acknowledged in the newsletter and on the YAS website. Proceeds will go toward our education and conservation programs and to help defray costs of producing the revision to our Yolo County checklist.

Please join us for a fun-filled day of birding in Yolo County or sponsor a team if you aren’t able to get out in the field yourself! The pledge confirmation form may be downloaded here. Please contact Rick Meredith (916-739-1635) or Alison Kent (530-297-7622) for more details.

— Rick Meredith, Fundraising Chair